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Volunteer Activities

Residents of Falls Creek Ranch are generous with their time to volunteer their effort and expertise to support the protection and safety of our members, property and the surrounding forest. Volunteers are highly valued and appreciated. Our volunteer services include residents who are trained in CPR and AED use for residents’ medical emergency situations. There are several AED stations located within our property. This is activated via a dedicated Ranch phone communication service after 911 is called.  Some residents have volunteered to serve as part of our Rapid Response Team. This team is ready to respond to fire emergencies on the Ranch. They have participated in specific training with Durango Fire Protection District and have been provided equipment and supplies to assist them in their efforts. We also have several hand-held radios assigned to specific resident volunteers to provide emergency situation communications at various locations within our property.

All members are encouraged to participate in our many work days related to fire mitigation projects and common property “clean-up” days. All hours volunteering for fire mitigation projects on common property and private property need to be recorded on the Firewise Volunteer Hours form (see link at top of page) and submitted to our Ranch Firewise Ambassador. Our volunteer hours are then used as part of our in-kind match for obtaining grant funding to support our many fire mitigation projects.

All of the above information is provided to our members at our annual Firewise Education Day held each Spring. Our Firewise Ambassador and Firewise Committee are available to provide advice and answer all questions members may have related to our fire safety efforts in our community. Contact information for our various internal services can be found in our Member Only website page.