Falls Creek Ranch has several committees that help manage our operations and amenities.  Participation on committees by Falls Creek Ranch members is both valued and encouraged.  This is a great way to contribute to our community, share ideas and meet your neighbors and new friends.  All committees, other than the Architectural Control Committee, are established and maintained at the discretion of the Board of Directors.  The Board appoints Committee Chairs.  To join a committee, members are encouraged to contact the committee chair directly to share your interest and any relevant experience you can bring to our community.  The committee may meet with you to explain their work efforts and projects and how you may be able to contribute.

Architectural Control Committee (ACC) – Mary Ann Bryant and Nancy Peake, Co-Chairs
This committee (ACC) reviews and approves all exterior construction/remodeling improvement projects to assure compliance with FCR Covenants and committee rules.

Common Property Committee – Phil Boroff, Chair
This committee manages the 840 acres of forest and meadows not deeded to private lots, including fire mitigation, forest thinning, and noxious weed removal projects. Our entrance gardens, community orchard, community garden, and tennis court reports through this committee.

  • Amenities within Common Property Committee
    • Entrance Gardens – Jenny Hardy, Lead:  This group maintains the gardens at the entrance and the fire station and may assist in weed reduction efforts with the Common Property Committee.
      Entrance Gardens Documents
    • Community Orchard – Jim Grizzard, Lead: This group maintains the orchard for the benefit of the community.
      Community Orchard Documents
    • Falls Creek Ranch Garden – Sara Carver, Lead: This group maintains their own vegetable garden plot within the garden on our common property.
      Falls Creek Ranch Garden Documents
    • Tennis/Pickleball Court – James Glover and Tom Bauer, Co-Leads: This group manages the upkeep and use of the court for members.
      Tennis/Pickleball Court Documents

Dam Committee – Scott Southworth and James Glover, Co-Chairs
This committee is responsible for ensuring our dam is properly maintained and inspected according to state law; operates the dam outlet to send legally required amounts of water to downstream water rights holders on Falls Creek; and oversees irrigation systems priorities per water rights.

FireWise Committee – Paulette Church, Chair
This committee prioritizes and leads fire mitigation projects for hazardous fuels reduction, applies for grant funding, coordinates volunteer hours, updates our Community Wildfire Protection Plan, and leads fire safety education efforts for members.

  • Post-Wildfire Recovery Team: This is a subset of our FireWise Committee leading the recovery efforts of damage caused by the 416 Fire.

Horse Committee Peggy Yotti Lynch and Jessie Kileen, Co-Chairs
This committee is comprised of horse owners who manage the horse facilities and pastures in a sustainable manner.

Lake Committee – Jenny Holmen and Bonnie Bassett, Co-Chairs (Summer); Mark Smith, Chair (Winter)
This committee manages usage of the lake, beach, boating, and fishing to assure safe and equitable access for all residents.

New Member Orientation – K Redford, Chair
The “Greeter” contacts and meets with new residents to help orient them to all aspects of living at Falls Creek Ranch.

Ranch Liaison – Mark Smith
This position serves as the supervisor to our Ranch Caretaker and interfaces between the Board, Committees, and Ranch residents for matters involving the Ranch Caretaker’s duties (such as roads and water system operations). Residents are asked not to contact the Ranch Caretaker directly.

Records Management – Mary Ann Bryant, Chair
This team collects, organizes, and files Ranch documents and records in compliance with state law requirements for homeowner associations.

Roads Committee – Mark Smith, Chair
This committee manages and maintains all Ranch roads in conjunction with the Ranch Caretaker and Liaison, develops short and long-term road maintenance plans, and develops road safety regulations.

Utilities Committee – Eb Redford, Chair
This committee manages, maintains, and operates the entire Ranch water system in conjunction with the Ranch Caretaker (Water System Operator); manages the water billing system; and interfaces with state and local utility entities.

  • Water Supply Task Force– Mary Ann Bryant and James Glover, Co-Chairs
    This team is a subset of our Utilities Committee. This team focuses on our long-term water supply planning options and implementation.

Updated February 2022