Board and Committee Directory

Updated 05/23/2019

Board of Directors:
President:  James McCarthy (effective 8-1-15)

Vice President:   Joan Heil (effective 12/1/18)

Treasurer:  Robin Lucie (effective 8-1-17)
Email: Treasurer@FallsCreekRanch.Org

Secretary:   Jen Waddill (effective 12/1/18)

At-Large:   Peggy Yotti  (effective 8-1-15)

At-Large: Terry Greiner (effective 8-1-18)

Special Projects: Susan Morton (effective 8-1-17)


Ranch Manager Liaison/Supervisor:  Mike McQuinn

Architectural Control Committee:                                                                                   Co-Chair: Mary Ann Bryant
Co-Chair: Nancy Peake
Members: K Redford, Linda Johnson, Jonni Greiner, and Gale Marinelli

Beautification Committee: 
Co-chair: Marge Rebovich
Co-chair: Nancy Wallace
Members: Susan Morton, Mindy Self, Gale Marinelli, Mary Ann McCarthy, Mary Grizzard, Jenny Hardy, Jonni Greiner, Nancy Henry, Bill Rebovich

Common Property Committee:
Chair: Phil Boroff
Members: Gale Marinelli, Clyde Church, Chris Heine, David Hardy

FireWise Committee:   
Chair: Paulette Church
Members: Steve Allen, Mary Ann McCarthy (Fire Danger Sign Manager), Phil Boroff (Common Property Chair), Clyde Church, Doug Parmentier, Sara Carver, Nancy Peake (Architectural Control Chair), Barry Bryant, Mary Ann Bryant, James Grizzard, Eb Redford (Utilities Chair), Byard Peake, Mark Smith

Post-Wildfire Recovery Committee:
Chair: Paulette Church
Members:  Phil Boroff (Common Property Chair), Ed Kileen (Roads Chair), Mark Smith, James Glover, Marge Rebovich (Beautification Chair), Chris Heine, Clyde Church, Tom Allen, Jonni Greiner, Doug Parmentier, Sara Carver

Horse Committee:
Chair: Lisa Eckert
Members: Peggy Yotti

Lake, Recreation, Beach and Dam Committee:
Co-chair: Paula Mills; Co-chair: Barb Belanger
Lake, Recreation, Beach Committee Members: Paula Mills, Barb Belanger, Jenny Holman, Maddy Sinclair, Mark Smith (Fish)
Dam Committee Members:  Scott Southworth (Lead), Clyde Church, Phil Boroff, Les Lynch, Mike Morton

Roads Committee:
Chair: Ed Kileen

Utilities Committee:
Chair: Elbert (Eb) Redford
Members: Barry Bryant, Mary Ann Bryant, Lisa Eckert, Jennifer Hardy, Chris Heine, Shirley Jones, Leslie Lynch, Nancy Peake, Tom Allen, Peggy Lynch, Ray Smith

Water Supply Task Force:
Lead:  Mary Ann Bryant
Members:  Susan Morton, Barry Bryant, James Glover, Jim McCarthy, Chris Heine, Eb Redford

Records Management Work Group:
Mary Ann Bryant

New Member Greeter:
Jim and Mary Grizzard, Kay Redford

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