Metro District

Uploaded 2/12/17

A Town Hall meeting of the Falls Creek Ranch Association, Inc. was held on January 14, 2017 to discuss a proposed conversion of Falls Creek Ranch Homeowners Association to a Metropolitan district. 40 members attended in person with an additional 13 members attending remotely via the GoTo Meeting application.

Below is a copy of the Power Point slide presentation (in .PDF format):
Town Hall Power Point Presentation 1-14-17

In addition, meeting was recorded and is available for viewing at the following You Tube link:

There were several questions posed by members at the meeting and they are all available to hear on the You Tube recording.  A few are recorded below:

Q: Will the Ranch Operating Budget be converted in full to the Metro District?
A: Yes

Q:  Will the Ranch’s ability to obtain grants remain the same?
A:  Yes

Q:  Will water bills be handled separately or will be part of the assessed taxes?
A:  The water bills will continue to be billed and paid separately as they are now.

The next step will be a poll (non-binding straw vote) of the membership whether or not to proceed to form a Metro District.  Ballots will be sent out in February.